This is where the music plays!

2024 review: Concerts and workshops

Music accompanies you throughout the entire trade fair day!
Almost 100 concerts on 4 stages over 3 days! 

From classical to pop! Big bands and orchestras will perform, including renowned musicians, youth orchestras and soloists.

Best of all, all concerts are included in the admission price!


Program highlights 2024

For akustika 2024, numerous renowned big bands, ensembles and soloists have been invited to perform sophisticated concerts. You can see and hear all the instrument groups on show in action to your heart's content on four parallel stages. The opening concert will be performed by the Big Band of the Nuremberg University of Music under the direction of Prof. Jürgen Neudert. On Friday, several music groups will perform throughout the day for the "Inclusion with Music" action day.

Saturday will open with a joint concert by the Protestant trombone choirs, with over 100 brass players playing their instruments at the same time. In the afternoon, the Hauptstadtblech from Berlin will mix classical concert snacks with swing from the 1930s. Last year, the Wibraphone and the North Bavarian Music Association's selection orchestra already caused a sensation when they presented concert pieces from Star Wars and other film music in XXL wind instrumentation. This makes the wibraphone concert one of the highlights of Saturday.

Sunday is all about the future, for example making music with the help of AI. Prof. Trump from the Nuremberg University of Music will give a live demonstration of the latest developments in interactive music-making with man, machine and grand piano. At the end of akustika 2024, the North Bavarian Music Association with large orchestras and the Hauptstadtblech will bid visitors a fitting farewell.


You can experience the following artists, groups and orchestras (in alphabetical order) live on the music stages:

Alle Neune - Music School Fürth

Rock and pop music

The musicians of the band Alle Neune have been meeting at the Fürth Music School since October 2011 to work on pop, rock and folk music songs together. The different timbres of the instruments and the different skills of the musicians create interesting and varied arrangements. Robert Wagner will give an introduction and insight into inclusion at music schools during the performance.

Bezirksauswahlorchester Oberfranken
(District Selection Orchestra Upper Franconia)

Every year since the 1980s, the district selection orchestra has brought together a selection of talented musicians from all over Upper Franconia. Under the direction of experienced conductors, first Georg Maderer and later Michael Botlik, impressive concerts have been performed every impressive concerts have been performed every year since then. Milestones in the history of the orchestra were the production of the CD "Salutations" with Bayerischer Rundfunk, several performances of the symphony performances of the symphony "Lord of the Rings" by Johan de Meij with the ballet of the Nuremberg State Opera Ballet and participation in international music competitions and concert tours.

For the concert at the "akustika" music fair, the former solo flutist of the "El Paso Symphony Orchestra" Ana Maria Sanchez Bertoluzzi was won as a soloist. Under the baton of Michael Saffer, the orchestra will perform works by Leonard Bernstein, Johann Strauss, Alfred Reed and John Williams.

Bezirksjugendorchester der Oberpfalz
(District Youth Orchestra of the Upper Palatinate)

The District Youth Orchestra of the Upper Palatinate sees itself as a supplement to the local music association and aims to motivate and support young musicians aged 14 and over.
The objectives of the district youth orchestra are very diverse, whereby, as is typical for youth work, in addition to the growth of musical skills through working with selected conductors and register instructors, i.e. professional self-competence, social skills are also to be imparted by getting to know and making new contacts.

The orchestra will be making its debut at the akustika music fair in Nuremberg, where it will represent the Upper Palatinate district association. On Sunday, March 10 at 11:00 a.m., the orchestra will perform the full range of its skills on the main stage of the Musikmesse.

Big Band Langwasser

Big Band |  Swing á la Count Basie over groovy Jazz-Rock by Joe Zawinul and Herbie Hancock up to Samba and Bossa Nova 

We are an association of ambitious musicians who have dedicated their hearts to swing and jazz. We have been living our love of this music for 30 years now. This means that you, as the organizer, get a lot of band without overburdening your budget. And you help our registered association to continue to cultivate this great music.

Brassband of the WfbM Augsfeld of the Lebenshilfe Schweinfurt

Marches, polkas, waltzes, (modern Star Wars)

Founded in 1979, there are currently 15 active musicians, all employed in a workshop, who perform around 15 times a year.
Highlights: Private audience with Pope John Paul II, performance LH anniversary guest Federal President Richard v. Weizäcker, performance in front of the state parliament in Munich, sand wine festival, musical performance in the government of Lower Franconia and inclusion award of the district of Lower Franconia.

Blech Buam Musi

Bohemian/Bavarian brass music, program of tunes


Brass sextet of the Veitshöchheim Army Music Corps

Classic | to Modern

Instrumentation: 1st trumpet: Sergeant Mathias Müller, 2nd trumpet: Sergeant Florian Bauer, horn: Sergeant Martin Roith, trombone: Sergeant Bernhard Huf, tuba: Sergeant Bernhard Sauer, percussion: Sergeant Simon Hirth

Blech Mafia Nürnberg


Brass ensemble with percussion

Blech`n Wood

Funk, Soul, Rock

Alex Boldin 

Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar| Fingerstyle | Instrumental


When Alex Boldin picks up the guitar, he invites his listeners on a musical journey through the tonal worlds of the acoustic guitar.The winner of the Fingerstyle Collective Guitar Festival 2022 skillfully combines the virtuoso skills and complex techniques of fingerstyle with his intuitive feeling for melodies. This sometimes creates interesting, rhythmic structures, at other times playful, harmonious tone sequences and often tasteful motifs, which interweave both elements cleverly and invite you to dream.After more than 100 live performances on four different continents and in over 15 countries, Alex is now ready to release his first solo guitar album "TIMEout". In collaboration with the renowned Canadian guitarist and producer Antoine Dufour and in cooperation with Timezone Records, 13 selected original compositions will be released at the end of 2022.In the acoustic guitar scene, Alex is no longer a stranger as well - numerous big fingerstyle guitarists such as Andy McKee, Thomas Leeb, Mike Dawes, Calum Graham, Jon Gomm, Alexandr Misko, Trevor Gordon Hall and Maneli Jamal are no longer just among the most formative influences, but also part of his circle of acquaintances.Every single performance and every concert is a true spectacle for eyes and ears and is rounded off by Alex's recognizable dedication and passion for music. This result is a unique experience full of special moments which touch mind and soul.

Brass Gang - Teenagers

Funk, Soul, Rock, Pop


Dekanatsposaunenchor Altdorf
(Deanery Trombone Choir Altdorf )


Förderverein zur Unterstützung musikalischer Jugendlicher e.V.
(Association for the support of young musicians)

Classical chamber music

The Förderverein zur Unterstützung musikalischer Jugendlicher e.V. was founded in December 1985 by seven people and currently has 54 members. The association is based in Nuremberg. The main objective is to help young people find themselves in their interest in music. The association does not offer music lessons as such, but some of its members are music teachers who give lessons privately or in public institutions. Around six concerts a year take place in Nuremberg and the surrounding area, mainly with classical chamber music in small formations.
music in small formations.

GigaOhm Band - The Big Band of the TH Nuremberg

Classik Big Band Jazz | Latin | Pop

The Big Band consists of students, teachers and employees of the Technische Hochschule. Musical direction: Norbert Weigand

Annique Göttler

The young pianist Annique Göttler inspires not only with her concerts but also with her YouTube challenges. She plays Chopin and Liszt and can be found in person at the Stretta Music stand on the ground floor afterwards.

Program: Chopin Ballade No.1, Chopin Etudes op. 10 No. 1-4 and Liszt Liebestraum



"From the penultimate row of the symphonic orchestra into the limelight" is the motto of the six instrumentalists! HAUPTSTADTBLECH - behind this name are six musicians who met in Berlin during various joint orchestra projects. Since 2005 they have been living out their artistic potential and their love for the capital in this project.

Heavytones Horn

Jazz Funk

Thorsten Skringer (sax) & Lorenzo Ludemann (trumpet), perform jazz funk and songs from the past joint recordings

Program Nuremberg University of Music

Homepage ♦   hfm_nuernberg/  ♦  Hochschule für Musik Nürnberg

Studio49 Orff Instruments - Concert/Performance/Participation

In this concert, Prof. Rainer Kotzian (Nuremberg University of Music) presents the technical basics of live looping and plays his all-time favorites from the Orff school work that has gone around the world and more - a multi-instrumental performance with loop recorder, also for participation.

Improvising with AI - demonstration

Research into artificial creativity and musical interaction at the Nuremberg University of Music focuses on the question of how musical human-machine interaction can be designed and how human musicians can make music together with artificial intelligence. Prof. Dr. Sebastian Trump will present various research projects live in this discussion concert. The AI will be embodied in particular by hybrid musical instruments such as robotically controlled percussion instruments or a digital-analog hybrid grand piano and will improvise together with a human musician on the saxophone.


Big Band of the HfM Nuremberg - Concert

Big Band | Jazz | Classics

The Big Band of the Nuremberg University of Music under the direction of Professor Jürgen Neudert presents itself with rousing sounds and takes the audience into the world of jazz. Experience a selection of energetic and atmospheric jazz compositions performed by a dynamic ensemble of talented young musicians. Convince yourself of the pulsating atmosphere that this big band creates with its groovy sounds.

Transducer - Piano of the future - concert/demonstration

Experience a fascinating musical journey from the Baroque to the present day, presented by students of the Nuremberg University of Music on the "piano of the future" - the unique Transducer grand piano. Under the direction of Prof. Toni Hinterholzinger, Prof. Dr. Aurelia Vișovan, Prof. Peter Gahn, Neus Estarellas Calderón and Alexander Bauer, a wide range of technical possibilities will be explored on this innovative instrument from the piano manufacturer Steingraeber Bayreuth. From historical tuning to the integration of electro-acoustic music, from original grand piano sound to other original forms of expression - the exciting range of playing possibilities is extremely diverse. 

The transducer grand piano is a pioneering addition to conventional acoustic keyboard instruments, which enables electro-acoustic vibration excitation of the soundboard. Barely visible from the outside, the technical implementation of the Steingraeber Bayreuth piano manufactory enables the conception and performance of "hybrid" piano works in which traditional playing techniques meet computer-aided sound enhancement.

Hörtnagel Concerts Nuremberg 


Friday, 8 March 2024

  • 13:30 - 14:00: Concert with tuba and piano
    • Korbinian Kircheis | Tuba
      Studies tuba at the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich
    • Patrik Hévr | Piano
      Patrik Hévr has won prizes at numerous international piano competitions, including the Swiss International Piano Festival and Competition and the San Jose International Piano Competition in the USA. Patrik Hévr is currently solo pianist in the orchestral ballet production Goldberg of the Staatsphilharmonie at the Staatstheater Nürnberg.


  • 17:00 - 18:00: Piano concerto solo and 4-hands 
    • Patrik Hévr | Piano 
    • Ioana Voaideș | Piano
      Ioana Voaideș is currently a master's student at the Nuremberg University of Music and won the Steinway Advancement Award in the classical category in November 2023. 

Program: Piano works by Chopin, Brahms and Debussy

Sunday, 10 March 2024

  • 13:30-14:30: Piano concerto solo and 4-hands 
    • Patrik Hévr | Piano 
    • Ioana Voaideș | Piano

Program: Piano works by Poulenc, Brahms, Rachmaninov and Debussy

Sofia Khorobrykh


Concert pianist and piano teacher from Würzburg

King-Size Juniors 

Rock and Swing songs in Big Band style


The "King-Size Juniors" are one of the youngest big bands in Bavaria with an average age of just 15 years, consisting of 25 musicians who present rock and swing songs in big band style with great fun and energy. It is always astonishing with what ambition and group dynamics the King-Size Juniors manage to sound really professional for their age. This formation won first prize at the Big Band Competition 2019 in Marktoberdorf and would have represented Bavaria at the nationwide Big Band Competition in Hamburg 2020 if Corona had not come. This young formation is the 5th generation of the music school "King-Size Musics" under the direction of Peter and Markus König (Haselhöhe 2, 92706 Luhe-Wildenau). The concept of "King-Size Musics" is to offer their students the opportunity to make music in a group as soon as possible. With the subtitle "Big Band Academy", the focus of the musical offer, which ranges from jazz, rock and pop to classical music, becomes clear.

Clarinet orchestra

After the wish to put together a clarinet orchestra was expressed at the first clarinet hangout of the NBMB e.V., Tanja Domes organized the first rehearsal phase last year without further ado. Since 1995, the experienced conductor has repeatedly presented the variety of sounds of a clarinet orchestra in the Rhön-Grabfeld district and has now extended her commitment to the whole of Lower Franconia. With 30 music-loving clarinettists, the Lower Franconian clarinet orchestra was thus able to start working on the appropriate literature. The musicians come from various districts and will meet again at the Hammelburg Music Academy at the beginning of February to prepare for the concert. The clarinet orchestra of the district of Lower Franconia in the North Bavarian Music Association is aimed at anyone who is enthusiastic about the clarinet. Rehearsals take place twice a year, preferably centrally in Lower Franconia.

Kreisjugendblasorchester Bad Kissingen - NBMB e.V.
Bad Kissingen District Youth Wind Orchestra - NBMB e.V.

The Kreisjugendblasorchester Bad Kissingen has been in existence since 1993. Once a year, young musicians from the district come together to work on a symphonic concert program. This year, pieces on the theme of film music were developed under the direction of district conductor Tanja Berthold. You can hear a selection of these at the akustika music fair.


Kreisorchester Ansbach - NBMB e.V.
Ansbach District Orchestra - NBMB e.V.

Musicians from the district of Ansbach came together in February 2023 to form the Ansbach District Orchestra. This year, 60 musicians from 21 music associations in the district spent two rehearsal days rehearsing a varied program that will be performed at concerts in Dietenhofen and Dinkelsbühl at the end of February. Tobias Hauenstein, district conductor in Ansbach, has put together a concert program that will cover the entire spectrum of brass music, including "The Legend of Maracaibo", "Gershwin in Concert" and "80s Kulttour 2". This program will also be played at the akustika music fair in Nuremberg on Sunday from 10 am.

Kreisorchester des Kreisverbands Würzburg - NBMB e.V.
District orchestra of the Würzburg district association - NBMB e.V.

The district orchestra of the Würzburg district association has been in existence since 1982. It meets annually for the orchestra training week, which traditionally takes place from Easter Monday and ends on Friday. On Saturday, the program is performed in a final concert. The orchestra training week offers the participants the opportunity to get to know new orchestral literature and other instructors and conductors and to play pieces that are not possible in most music societies for reasons of instrumentation, but also to meet young musicians from the city and district. The conductor of the orchestra is Manuel Scheuring. 

String ensemble from the music school MUSICATION


The string ensemble of the Berufsfachschule für Musik Musication in Nuremberg presents a wide-ranging and "vielSaitiges" repertoire. The ensemble is characterised by its joy of playing, contrasting dynamics and finely differentiated sound design. In the program: Encounter of cultures - East meets West - Musical journey through Eastern Europe with music by Dvořák, Bartók, Smetana, Brahm and others.

Symphonic Wind Orchestra of the Nuremberg Music School 

Symphonic wind music from original works, film music to marches 


The Symphonic Wind Orchestra of the Nuremberg Music School, under the musical direction of Steffen Schubert, offers symphonic, festive and cheerful orchestral works in melodious arrangements.

NBMB Nordbayerischer Musikbund e. V.
North Bavarian Music Association


Complete program:

Friday, 8 March 2024
11:00 am: Lebenshilfe brass band Augsfeld

Saturday, 9 March 2024
12:00 pm: Bad Kissingen district orchestra
2:00 pm: Würzburg district orchestra
2:00 pm: (acoustic stage) Clarinet orchestra
3:00 pm: WiBraPhon
16:30 pm: North Bavarian youth wind orchestra

Sunday, 10 March 2024:
10:00 am: Ansbach district orchestra
11:00 am: District youth orchestra Upper Palatinate
12:15 pm: North Bavarian youth wind orchestra
13:30 pm: WiBraPhon
14:45 pm: District Orchestra Upper Franconia

Nordbayerisches Jugendblasorchester - NBMB e.V. 
North Bavarian Youth Wind Orchestra - NBMB e.V. 

Symphonic wind music

On March 9 and 10, 2024, the selection orchestra of the NBMB invites you to two concerts as part of the akustika Nuremberg. The NBJBO will perform on Saturday at 16:30 and Sunday at 12:15 in the central foyer of the exhibition grounds. There, lovers of symphonic wind music and all those who want to become one can experience a varied program of the highest quality. The young musicians will be performing great works of symphonic wind music. 
Timor Chadik will be the musical director on the conductor's podium. Timor Chadik is particularly well known as the long-standing conductor of the Bundeswehr Big Band. Alexander Wurz on tenor horn will also be a great soloist. He is currently one of the most sought-after soloists on his instrument and will enrich the orchestra with his unmistakable sound. 
The NBJBO is one of the three select orchestras of the North Bavarian Music Association, in which music students and ambitious amateur musicians aged between 15 and 27 regularly come together to play symphonic wind music at the highest level. The 60-strong orchestra is looking forward to welcoming interested listeners.

Nürnberger Symphoniker
Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra

The Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra will be at the fair with its wind quartet on Friday and the symphony's horn section will play on Sunday.


Dr. Päng: Groovetrax with Bastian Fiebig

Finest rock, pop and smooth jazz saxophones

Dr. Päng alias Bastian Fiebig is not only the owner of the music publisher Chili Notes, but also an internationally sought-after saxophonist. He has published several innovative volumes of play-along sheet music under the title Groovetrax and will of course not miss the opportunity to present these in person at akustika 2024.

Profs Night Big Band 

Modern, sophisticated big band sound from swing and Latin to funk and fusion

The 20-piece formation with a saxophone, trumpet and trombone section as well as a rhythm section emulates the orchestras of its great role models such as Thad Jones, Count Basie or Peter Herbolzheimer, whose arrangements are an integral part of the band book. In its concerts, the Profs Night Big Band mainly presents pieces from contemporary big band literature, ranging from swing and Latin to funk and fusion. The arrangements always leave enough room for soloists and the band's singer Rebecca Kunzelmann. The big band is musically directed by Bernhard Eckl, a qualified trumpeter and passionate big band musician. The Profs Night Big Band was formed in 2010 from an ensemble that was to perform once at the first Erlangen professors' concert - the Profs Night. Originally made up of professors and members of the Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen, the group quickly took a liking to making music together... and especially jazz. In a short time, the orchestra grew into a classical big band, which has since established itself permanently.

Sax kisses Piano



Jazzpop Duo consisting of Silvia Bleicher and Henning Dampel.

Chor "Die Socken"
(Choir "The Socks")

 chordiesocken ♦ chordiesocken

Die Socken started in 2019 as a group of student friends who had already sung together for several years in the university choir. The Socken sound is characterized by a rich groove, beautiful melodies and an energetic performance. At the Bavarian Choir Competition in Munich in November 2022, they won the special prize of the "Bayerischer Rundfunk".

Vivianna Sofronitsky

Instrument: McNulty Graf 1819 and McNulty Pleyel 1830
Piece : Chopin, Schubert, Mendelssohn

Viviana Sofronitsky is one of the leading specialists in classical and romantic music. She fascinates her audience with sonic revelations and performs on replicas of contemporary instruments. These reflect the sound palette of the era in which the works were composed in a captivating way.

Stranger here myself

Homage To The Great American Songwriter

Stranger here myself are dedicated to the songs of the great American songwriters from the Americana, rock, folk and blues genres. In addition to songs by Bob Dylan, J.J. Cale, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen and many others, they also interpret compositions by lesser known but no less brilliant authors such as Greg Copeland. Not covers, but interpretations full of intensity and depth.

The musicians:

PETER HIRSCH (Vox & Guitars) has played with Sid Griffin (Long Ryders), Markus Rill and Janet Christel, among others
GERRY LAUERBACH (Bass&Vocals) is a veteran of the legendary "Ungummi Orchästers", also active with "Home At Last"
SVEN MARKUSKE (Cajon & Vocals) is an experienced drummer and percussionist, known from countless live and studio jobs throughout Germany
STEFAN REITHER (Guitars & Harmonica) completes the band

Tabea Streicher

on the program: 
Franz Schubert: Sonata in A major op. post. D 664, I. Allegro moderato
Robert Schumann: Sonata op. 22 in G minor, I. As quickly as possible, II. Andantino. Carried, III. Scherzo. Very fast and marked, IV. Rondo. Presto 

Tabea Streicher was born in Berlin in 2004 and began playing the piano at the age of four. In 2011, Prof. Galina Iwanzowa took her on as a student at the Hanns Eisler School of Music Berlin, in 2015 Tabea moved to Stefan Lietz and Prof. Christian Petersen at the Berlin University of the Arts, where she has been taught by Prof. Markus Groh since 2021.

Tabea won first prizes at international competitions in Germany and Hungary, at the 2014 Clavicologne piano competition and the VII Chopin Competition in Budapest in 2016. She is a multiple first prize winner of the national competition "Jugend musiziert". Due to her success at national level in 2017 in the solo category, she was awarded a scholarship by the Carl Bechstein Foundation, for which she regularly performs. In addition to first prize in 2018 in the four-hand piano category with her brother Daniel Streicher, the duo also received a special prize from the German Foundation for Musical Life. Both regularly play four-handed and on two pianos with great success, as evidenced by prizes at the Carl Bechstein K-Competition, among others. Tabea achieved further success in 2018 in Zwickau as the winner of the Small Schumann Competition with the highest score of the entire competition. In 2021, Tabea won second prize at the international Carl Maria von Weber Competition and in 2022 first prize at the Grand Prize Virtuoso Competition Vienna, after which she performed at the Semperoper Dresden and the Musikverein Vienna. Tabea was awarded 1st prize at the Tbilisi international piano competition for young pianists and 1st prize at the Tunbridge Wells international music competition in 2022. The latter brought her concert engagements as a soloist and chamber musician in England.

Tabea has also performed in the Berlin Philharmonie, the Konzerthaus and the Deutsche Oper Berlin. She has gained experience in various chamber music ensembles and has taken part in renowned festivals such as the "Bebersee" and "crescendo" festivals in Germany, the "Musica Mundi Festival and Course" in Belgium and the "Talent Music Summer Courses" in Brescia. She gained valuable impressions at international masterclasses with Eldar Nebolsin, Klaus Hellwig, Milana Chernyavska and Jacques Rouvier.
She has been a scholarship holder of the International Music Academy in Liechtenstein since 2020 and a member of the "Yehudi Menuhin Live Music Now e.V." association together with her duo partner Melin Acikel since 2021.

Gergely Szurgyi (Hanika guitars)


Same guitarist, same track, but different guitars. Which and how big differences can you hear?

Veeh Harfen Gruppe
Veeh Harps Group

The motto: "Because music brings joy to everyone" has accompanied the Veeh harp since its beginnings in 1987, when Hermann Veeh began to develop an instrument for his son Andreas, who was born with Down syndrome, that would allow Andreas to play songs independently. And even more: it should be possible for people with and without disabilities to make music together, to enjoy music and experience community.

In Nuremberg, Irmgard Ludwig leads an inclusive orchestra that meets regularly to make music at the city's education center. Small performances are a highlight for the group. Last year, for example, the orchestra was able to shine on stage at the Veeh family's farm concert in Gülchsheim in Middle Franconia. The fact that a contribution to akustika is now possible is both a challenge and an incentive.
The Veeh company will be presenting the Veeh harp at the trade fair in E1 NCC Ost, stand Syd75 and inviting visitors to play it.

Bird horn mountain music

Traditional and modern alphorn music

A flexible line-up of three to ten musicians who have dedicated themselves to the charm of natural tones and the special sound of the bird horn. The core line-up of Thomas Ertel, Sebastian Höfler and the instrument's inventor, Robert Vogel, has existed since 2020.
With the development of this bird horn, Robert Vogel is continuing a long tradition of shepherd's horn blowing, which was still used until the 1960s for grazing on the mountain pastures of Franconia and the neighbouring Upper Palatinate. Bird horn mountain music has of course swapped the cattle for enthusiastic listeners far beyond Franconia. The musical hikes that the group has recently started offering are particularly popular. Here, participants are introduced to the special charm of Hersbrucker Schweiz acoustically and visually at selected locations.


Big Band | Gordon Goodwin, Pat Metheny + Co.


Big Band Jazz at its best from Franconia - for Franconia and all its nice neighbors!


Wind music - broadly diversified

The WiBraPhon orchestra is primarily intended to provide a home for experienced and motivated musicians who have retained a hunger for new things, in which they can play an active and committed role and develop their musical talents together. The focus is on professional and highly sensitive work on music combined with a wide-ranging musical repertoire. WiBraPhon favours a predominantly soloist line-up in order to preserve the clarity of the composition as intended by the composer. The orchestra has also set itself the goal of collaborating with internationally renowned soloists and working with composers and publishers of wind music literature. The musicians' participation is entirely voluntary. The conductor of the orchestra is Prof Johann Mösenbichler.

Windstärke 12 - Musikschule Nürnberg
Windstärke 12 - Nuremberg Music School


Windstärke 12 emerged from the first adult wind class and is the next stop for most wind class graduates. 
The repertoire is a colourful mix of waltzes and operettas for the annual New Year's concert, films and musicals, and hits and evergreens for the summer concerts.